Collaborative Visual Thinking workshop

Dato(er) - 01/10/2020
Klokken 19:00 - 21:30
Oplevelser i København

Culture House Indre By

Collaborative Visual Thinking workshop

About the event

A picture is a thousand words, yet most of our discussions are still verbal. If we want to work together towards sustainable change, we have to use methods that are inclusive, collaborative, and supportive of creative thinking. In this series of Collaborative Visual Thinking workshops, you will learn what visual thinking is, why it is useful, and how it can be employed. We do this by discussing important contemporary issues, to better understand the complexity of these problems. In the workshop, everyone is invited to draw out their ideas, so that it becomes easier to create a shared language for imagining a more sustainable future together.

The workshops deal each with a specific topic that will be analysed through the lens of social, economic and environmental sustainability, such as: the pandemic, systemic racism, social media & fake news, climate change, overpopulation, space exploration and the impact of tourism, among others. The workshops consist of two parts: we start with understanding in more depth what visual thinking is and practise various drawing styles (each workshop deals with a different aspect of visual thinking); then we use these new skills to engage in a visual discussion, by sharing what we know, by formulating challenging questions, and by drawing out the complexities of the problem to understand how a more sustainable approach could be taken.

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